An overview of the radio technical specification to receive the AlfaCrux beacons is as follows (more information here)

Radio Frequency Band:


Downlink/Uplink Frequency:

437.100 MHz




GMSK at 4800 bps




Radio Form

Were you able to receive AlfaCrux packages? Share with us and become one of our distinguished collaborators. For that, just fill the form below and send your KISS frames. It will be checked by the AlfaCrux team, and later uploaded in our database associated to your call sign!

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AlfaCrux Telemetry Viewer

The AlfaCrux Telemetry Viewer is a web platform developed and provided by the AlfaCrux team to make easier and immediate for all users to see and understand the meaning and purpose of the AlfaCrux downlink signal in accordance with the amateur-satellite service. All frames available online are properly associated with the call sign responsible for the information, allowing the amateur radio to search our databank for his specific contribution in the AlfaCrux mission. 

This web data system is also part of an innovative framework under development by the AlfaCrux team to assist the development and operation of nanosatellites. By innovative framework we mean a new architecture in which the development of a high-fidelity digital model of the nanosatellite is considered. In this innovative approach, the digital model is constantly under improvements based on the data collection system (laboratory tests, computer simulations, and in-orbit data), and more than that, the digital model may be able to improve and update the satellite on orbit. In other words, we are proposing a digital twin framework for nanosatellite mission applications. Come and be part of this within the AlfaCrux mission!

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Coming Next

KISS frame interpreter: to be linked to the AlfaCrux Telemetry Viewer and added to our databank. Come with us and let’s fill the gap of telemetry time series!

AlfaCrux mission planner: a schedule showing the operational mode and the available service. Get ready in advance for the everyday activity with AlfaCrux!

The AlfaCrux Digital Twin pilot architecture! From reality to digital reality and vice-versa!